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I know what it's like to have an Instagram account that's basically "dead", if there is one major mistake most companies commit, it is thinking that they are interesting (of course ... some are) and that people actually care about THEM, in other words — self-centeredness. There has to be a shift from self-centeredness to value that is offered to the followers. Yupp, that actually means that nobody cares what you had for lunch. In the eBook I mention the different types of accounts that an Instagram user can have plus I have included a mind map to help you figure out how to move forward with your account.

Instagram is a far too important platform for any business to ignore or not master. I started reading a bunch of blogs, books and figured out a few tricks myself. I am giving away a bunch of tips absolutely free to anyone that wants to learn the tactics that I use for my other business (including some that are not suitable for my type of business), @designersbookshop. In rare cases Instagram can be a very difficult platform to offer followers value but I give you some suggestions in the PDF-file. Register in the form above to download the FREE eBook.

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